Best Happy Birthday Quotes And Messages For Cousin

61. “Happy birthday to a cousin who’s sweet, generous, creative, smart, funny and cute.” 62. “Cousins are special and loved a whole lot. My cousin is wonderful because my cousin is you. Happy birthday!” 63. “Secrets, embarrassing moments, silences that speak a thousand words – we share so much more than DNA. Happy birthday, cousin. I hope you have a fantastic day.” 64. “You’re the best cousin around, and that’s because you always lift me up whenever I’m feeling down. Happy birthday!” birthday message for mother 65. “Fate made us cousins, but we chose to be best friends. Happy birthday!” 66. “Great cousins are like flowers that bloom in the winter: rare and treasured. Happy birthday!” 67. “Happy birthday, cousin. May your day be filled with family, great memories, and laughter.” 68. “On the winding road we call life, I’m glad that I have you to share the ride with. Happy birthday, cousin.” 69. “Thinking of all the great times we spent together puts a smile on my face.

Awesome Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

91. “We were young yesterday just like we’re young today. Happy birthday!” 92. “You’ve become a great man and on your birthday it’s my job to remind you that your life has changed your family’s lives for the better.” 93. “The moment you were born, you held a very special place in my heart and soul.” 94. “There are never two souls that are as connected as a brother’s and his sibling – happy birthday.” 95. “We may fight every year, but today is all about you. Happy birthday, buddy.” birthday message for father 96. “You deserve everything in the world – and more. Happy birthday.” 97. “Simple words can’t express how happy I am to spend this birthday with you.” 98. “Thank you for being my loving and caring brother. Happy birthday.” 99. “Can we just stop the fighting for one day, so I can spend this day with you? Happy birthday.” 100. “It’s your birthday and guess what? I am still bigger than you.” 101. “You may turn older every year on your birthday, but to your famil